Conceptual Self Portrait

Conceptual Self Portrait

AP: 3.0 ISO: 20 S: 1/60

Conceptual is a photo of an idea and it has meaning to it as well. For my self-portrait I chose this butterfly because there are many reasons why I find butterflies so interesting and it has many meanings to me. Couple reasons that butterflies fit my personality is because they grow and turn into something beautiful. I think of it has when you are little you don’t know some much but when you get older and older you grow and learn so much in life and you see thing so differently then what you did when you were little. So, when I see myself in the mirror, I see many things that I love about myself and I learn how to love them more and more. They also make me feel like I can be powerful and there is so much in life then what you think there is. When you look at a butterfly you would just see it as an insect but to me it’s not. There are different color butterflies and the colors have different meaning. They have different types of shapes on their wings and I feel those mean that they have a different type of personalities. For example, there is a little girl name River she is my butterfly because she is so sweet, and she has so many personalities and her blue ocean eyes make it perfect and she is still turning into a young beautiful girl and when I talk to her she makes things go away for me in a way. Butterflies have a type of art that not any other insect or animal and that’s what makes them so special. When I see a butterfly, I feel free and clam and my mind just gets clear and I can enjoy. They can be so spiritually and powerful to the world. Butterflies are just such a good idea of a type of art and that is the reason I chose it.

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