Photojouralism pt.1

Photojouralism pt.1

What is photojouralism? Is a story telling using the medium of photography as your main story telling device.Photojournalist will use a camera to capture the visual of a story. It’s not like getting a paper and pen then writing a story.

Henri Cartier Bresson :  

His work is very beautiful and I like how he really captures the moment and get it right there.The kid on the left is happy and walking. He shows the background of the other kids but he didnt focus from the boy. The black and white give it more an effect and it pops out more. The photo on the right does tell a story very much and the reason why is because the old lady is laughing or smiling. It looks like her and the husband are dancing and then the people in the back as well.His work is very well done and it show a story and in my opinion we can see different stories in the photo. The photos are just capture in the right moment like I said in the start. There are some of his photos that aren’t even people and they still tell a story and are capture well.I enjoy looking at his work and knowing more about him as well.

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